Teaching Services

Is the English language a dark and stormy mystery…? How can I help you?

2021: I am not accepting new projects at the  moment. Thank you.


Would you like some help with your English?

are you ready to present yourself or your work in english…? 


  • Reserve a Skype session that suits your needs and calendar. See below for the various rate packages.
    • There are 3 packages.
    • 2 of the packages include copy editing. This means you may E-mail me up to two pages or approximately 500 words of text a few days before our session. I will read and correct the document and return it to you.
  • During our Skype session we will discuss any changes or suggestions and refine your presentation.

Depending on the subject and your needs, the session may include the following topics:

  • vocabulary or jargon for your subject
  • grammar – verb tense use in English, countable vs uncountable, gerund vs infinitive…
  • structures and clairity
  • cultural differences

Additional services:

do you need to know your ENGLISH LEVEl? After our session, I can provide an unofficial evaluation of your English level according to the Common European Framework for Language (CEFL).  For more information please see below.

Do you need additional COPY EDITING or PROOFREADING in English? Some copy editing is included in the Skype session. Additional document editing and proofreading is available upon request. Click here to learn more about what copy editing entails and rates for services.

Which topics?

Arts and Academia

This is the area I know the best. I have worked extensively in the arts. I have worked as an artist and as an arts administrator at different points in my career. Beyond my own writing for theatre and other publications, I have worked as a dance critic. I managed a provincial book prize at the Ministry of Culture (Ontario) in Toronto. In addition, I have translated for arts-related projects for many years.

International and Government

While living in Paris, I have had the opportunity to teach English to staff members at the French Foreign Ministry, the French National Assembly and the French State Council. I have taught specialist classes about relocating abroad; cultural protectionism; and essential translation techniques. All levels. Groups of 10 participants or individual work.

Other topics? Yes please!... but...

If your project is highly specialised, I will have to do a reasonable amount of research in order to help you correctly.

I do not know anything about building a helicopter; or advanced botany; or specialised veterinary practices in rural Asia…

However, if you can provide specifics or suggest source material, I would love to learn!

All levels?

Yes…. However, in my opinon, a beginner needs to learn the basics and have some experience trying to speak English before this type of ‘problem solving’ session becomes really beneficial.

All ages?

No… These sessions are ideally for adults and perhaps teenagers. Why? Because a child needs different teaching methods: repetition, a classroom, other children, objects, songs… An adult relates firmly to their own language and grammar, and then to English. This is where I can be of help. Especially for francophone adults.

What do my colleagues and students say…?

“Shena Wilson is a very high quality professional. She is devoted to her work and is both demanding and creative: essential qualities for both translation and teaching. Her mindset for teamwork and her constructive attitude are very much appreciated. She has been fully invested in all of the projects in our language department for over 10 years now, and as a driving force.”
Aurélie A.

Pedagogical co-ordinator, Language Department, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“(Shena) blends grammar with concrete exercises, such as reading and studying a piece of writing for oral comprehension and conversation. I have already given her documents to translate because I lack a very specific set of protocol-related vocabulary and expressions and we are translating these together. She puts a lot of emphasis on the nuances of the language (verb tense usage, levels of language according to the person we are speaking with…): this is very much appreciated.” (Private Lessons)
Juliette C.

Protocole, Assemblée Nationale (France)

“Shena’s professionnal attitude, energy and kindness make her an excellent teacher for this fascinating but demanding language. She adapts to the needs and limitations of each person very efficiently and always with a smile. I can only highly recommand her to anyone who may have the opporunity to benefit from her classes.”

Laeticia B.

Writer, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

English level evaluation service

I have over a decade of experience evaluating English language skills. If you would like to know what your Common European Framework for Language (CEFL) English level is, I can provide it after our session. This service is included in the study project rate. For a Skype or telephone oral evaluation, the cost of the service is 15 Euros. This evaluation is for information purposes only. I cannot provide an official certificate of any kind. If you require a full-length official evaluation, please contact the British Council or any other official institution.

Please contact me to book a Skype session. Payment by bank transfer or paypal before the session.

Do I need copy editing?

Written and spoken language skills are not the same. However, by working on your short written piece before our session, I can better see where the issues are. If you don’t have a project on the go, write a cover letter, or an email to a friend, or write a blog post…


Skype is a free internet website that allows people to do video conferences. No cost. All you need to create an free account in a few click is an email address. You also need a computer or other device with a web-cam and microphone. For information on getting started click here.

Session booked, payment due

Once we agree on a session date and time, payment is due. If there is a problem with the session time, naturally, I will make every effort to accomodate your schedule. Be sure of your intentions when you reserve and transfer payment. Please understand that I have other obligations.